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YehYeh lets you find, meet, and share your social media and contact info with everyone you meet. The other person doesn't even need YehYeh – most modern phones are compatible and you can be connected in seconds!
You can use it on your phone, or stick them on laptops, lockers, or desks.
We'll ship your YehYeh right away with a tracking link and you can start using it right away. Plus, the more you share and refer your friends, we will send you more FREE YehYehs.
Get in on the social revolution with YehYeh.
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Question:  What is YehYeh? 
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YehYeh contains special chips that can seamlessly transmit your information from one to another. You can place them anywhere and instantly share your social media profiles and locate the last location your YehYeh was tagged. Anyone with a compatible smartphone can scan your details in seconds.

Question: How does YehYeh work? 
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First, you'll need to download and set up the app before sticking your YehYeh to the back of your phone.

To ensure your YehYeh's longevity, we recommend you stick your YehYeh to your phone case and not directly onto your phone.

For most iPhone and Android phones (excluding Samsung), it's best to place it near the bottom of your phone or case as placing it at the top can repeatedly set off the reader. Always test the placement before committing.

Question: Does my friend need the YehYeh app to connect with mine? 
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No, other people don't need the app for YehYeh to work. All you need is a compatible smartphone, and YehYeh is compatible with nearly all of them. You can check the list of phones here.

Question: Does my friend need the YehYeh app to connect with mine?
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No, other people don't need the app for YehYeh to work. All you need is a compatible smartphone, and YehYeh is compatible with nearly all of them. You can check the list of phones here.

Question: Is YehYeh only for phones?
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YehYehs can and should be placed anywhere you want. Remember, you can always track the location of where it was last scanned. We have seen YehYehs planted on cars, boats, laptops, in restaurants, in restrooms, on trees and light posts, benches, offices, and bicycles.

Question: What is your return policy?
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Please return within 30 days of delivery for a no questions asked refund.

Question: Can I earn money promoting YehYeh?
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Yes, you can earn more Premium Round YehYeh, or even cash for referring your friends.

Question: Can I really locate my YehYeh?
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Yes, the YehYeh app lets you know the last location that your YehYeh was scanned.

Question: Do you ship internationally?
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YehYeh is available in most countries in the world. We cannot ship to any country or region experiencing conflict or under any US or UN Sanctions.

Question: Can I customize the content my the YehYeh tag?
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Yes, all YehYeh tags can be customized with your own links and info (you can also hide secret messages in them).

Question: What languages does YehYeh support?
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YehYeh supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Question: Does YehYeh need WiFi to work?
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YehYeh doesn’t require an internet connection to share, but it does require internet to view other profiles. You can even use YehYeh while travelling to connect with new friends.

Question: Is YehYeh waterproof?
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YehYeh is sealed with a polymer that makes it water resistant.

Question: Does YehYeh offer any special warranty?
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For a small monthly fee, you can secure a lifetime replacement warranty for your YehYeh.

Question: Where can I buy YehYeh?
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Yes, you can buy them right here on our website. They’ll also be available on other websites in the near future.

Question: How many YehYeh profiles can I have?
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We don’t currently have a limit for the number of profiles you can set up. We recommend you only set up the amount you feel you can comfortably manage. That number is entirely up to you.

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